The “KING BET” biannual newspaper is on the rise

According to the latest release, “KING BET” since August 2007 and over 5 months has managed to make five times its circulation. “PRESSBOX PUBLISHING”, which has been releasing the KING BET bi-weekly newspaper since March, announces that the newspaper just before its first year of circulation continues its upward trend in this particular category of newspapers, marking its August 2007 and a 5-month five-fold increase in circulation nationwide.

Champions Life magazine /guide for “EURO 2008” insert on KING BET

It was released free of charge with the newspaper on Friday 06/06/2008 On the occasion of the launch of “EURO 2008”, the top European football event at the level of National teams. The “KING BET” bi-weekly newspaper was released in the beginning of June by Champions Life / guide for the top summer football event in the form of a magazine, which was be available along with the newspaper for free.