«Champions Life»: the free magazine of the champions in the “KING BET”

It was released free of charge together with the newspaper on Tuesday 24/02/2009 On the occasion of the re-opening of the “Champions League”, the top European football event, the “KING BET” bi-weekly newspaper was released on 24 February, champions of Champions Life, which was put together with the newspaper completely free of charge.

The theme of the release included, among other things, the Champions League program, a presentation of the 16 participating teams, roster of participating teams, their progress so far, historical organizational details, statistics, tribute to the final city and much more.

KING BET is released every Tuesday and Friday all over Greece. Her potential is made up of the biggest journalist names of the venue (Christos Sotirakopoulos, Giannis Karatzaferis, Panos Papatsoris and the team of THLE ASTY, Founta Tsounis, Lambros Garaganis, Giorgos Vavritsas, Giorgos Haikalis, Xenofontas Evangelatos, Panos Dialecttakos, Yannis Evangelopoulos, Fight Club, etc.) and is the most complete newspaper for betting, and since January 1st it has also been released on the Internet at www.kingbet.gr