The “KING BET” biannual newspaper is on the rise

According to the latest release, “KING BET” since August 2007 and over 5 months has managed to make five times its circulation. “PRESSBOX PUBLISHING”, which has been releasing the KING BET bi-weekly newspaper since March, announces that the newspaper just before its first year of circulation continues its upward trend in this particular category of newspapers, marking its August 2007 and a 5-month five-fold increase in circulation nationwide.

In order to thank her readers for the continued confidence they have shown in this newspaper, she has been offering free of charge to all readers of her 10 LCD-TFT 32 ” TVs on Friday 8 February, completely free of charge, gathering only 8 numbered coupons that will be published every Tuesday and Friday on the sheets of the newspaper.

KING BET is released every Tuesday and Friday all over Greece, in the shape of a small tabloid, with excellent print quality and pin. The potential of the newspaper is composed of the biggest journalist names of the betting area (Giannis Karatzaferis, Panos Papatsoris and the team of THLE ASTY, Fountou Tsounis, Lambros Garaganis, Takis Kouloumbis, Tasos Kollintzas, Yorgos Vavritsas, Xenofontas Evangelatos, Panos Dialecttakos, Yannis Evangelopoulos , the Fight Club team, etc.) and is the most comprehensive betting paper.