PRESSBOX PUBLISHING was founded in January 2004 to design, produce and publish newspapers and magazines. Since 2008 it has been operating in the form of a public limited company.

The first step of PRESSBOX PUBLISHING was the publication of sports-betting content with the distinctive title

“BET XPRESS”, which was freely available, followed by collaboration with SPORTIME and Sports Echo sports news through specialists betting units and inserts.

The next big step for PRESSBOX PUBLISHING came in March 2007 with the release of the two-weekly newspaper for KING BET and the monthly sporting magazine content with the distinctive title CHAMPIONS LIFE ».

PRESSBOX PUBLISHING, in addition to the aforementioned publications, has collaborated with the LAMBRAKIS PRESSBOOK, since it has undertaken since April 2008 (launch of the sporting newspaper “EXEDRA TON SPORTS”) the production of the “EXEDRA VET” betting insert every Saturday insertion in “SPORTS EXERCISE”, as well as the daily betting section of the same newspaper.

In addition, for three years, PRESSBOX PUBLISHED was working with the PANIONIOS PAE soccer company to produce the official magazine «THE PANIC OF THE OFFICIAL MATCH PROGRAM» distributed in all home games of the New Smyrna team.